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Moisture levels for growing plants must be at the correct humidity levels, which is why every grower needs to have a hygrometer in their grow rooms.

Moisture can be detrimental to practically anything -- wood, plants, electronics, etc. So naturally, businesses must have a moisture meter to ensure that the air isn't too moist or too dry. However, in the years that past, there have been numerous new inventions and innovations to maintain moisture levels. In enclosed, airtight spaces, humidity control packs, like those manufactured by Integra Boost or Boveda, have delivered effective, short-term solutions. However, then there are the rooms in which store these products. A humidity meter is one sure-fire way of ensuring that the relative humidity levels aren't excessive.

A humidity gauge is versatile for its small size, and there are really few businesses that don't need them. Any store that sells instruments should keep a humidor hygrometer in spaces where wood instruments are stored. That's not only woodwind instruments but even guitars and pianos that might warp if exposed to excessive moisture. Cannabis growers deal with plants that are sensitive to humidity and dryness. A humidor hygrometer allows cultivators to monitor humidity levels to ensure their crops are optimally grown. Even electronic stores need a digital hygrometer. Electronics are particularly vulnerable to these climates. Excess moisture can lead to glitches or permanent damages that even the most competent techies can't fix. By using a digital hygrometer, business owners can ensure no exposure to extreme humidity in storage spaces for electronics.

The many businesses that require a humidity monitor should be aware of the different types between analog and digital hygrometers. Several factors play a role in choosing between the two. Regardless of their make, a hygrometer is a must-have at any business.

Fortunately, Humidity Packs focuses on helping businesses with controlling moisture. You can accurately measure the humidity present in air and soil with a moisture meter.

What is a Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a moisture detector that can read the humidity levels in open spaces. These are an asset for cannabis growers because they can also determine the moisture percentage in soil. However, choosing the humidity in the rooms isn't limited to simply growing plants. As mentioned, many different places require a moisture reader. A humidity checker provides instant measurements of the moisture in the room accurately and quickly.

A humidity gauge relies on several factors to determine its reading. These factors are electrical charge, mass, pressure, and temperature. A humidifier gauge is handy for growing and storing different plants. Smoke shops that sell high-end cigars will use a cigar hygrometer to ensure that their products aren't drying out or building up mildew or mold. Tobacco leaves remain fresh once stored at the perfect humidity level and accompanied by cigar humidity packs.

A moisture meter for growing and curing cannabis is incredibly common among professional growers. Cultivators must ensure that their plants are in a suitable climate. Because water evaporates frequently, there is a high chance that your crops would dry out, get dehydrated, and lose essential nutrients for growth. A humidity meter can determine the humidity levels in the air and the soil to prevent any damage from excess moisture.

Hygrometers are available in digital and analog, each with pros and cons. Many of the latest humidor hygrometer models are digital because they are easier to use. However, it's not uncommon to see the OG growers maintain their crops with an analogy humidity monitor.

How to Use a Hygrometer to Measure Humidity

A little bit of research needs to happen before using a moisture tester. Since a humidity hygrometer considers different aspects to determine accurate moisture levels, it's necessary to find out information surrounding the temperature, mass, and pressure. However, a humidity measuring device needs to undergo calibration, which typically takes place once a year, before being used.

After gathering all of the information and calibrating your device, it's time to put it to use. The hygrometer usually captures the capacitance or resistance in the air and analyzes the humidity levels. So, all that needs to happen is to take a humidity meter and place it in the room that needs the moisture levels measured. A capacitive moisture meter includes two metal plates separated by air. If there's more water than air, it impacts the plates' ability to build up a static electric charge. The levels of charge that the plates store help measure the static electric charge, which determines the humidity levels in a room quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, the resistive sensor uses a ceramic piece that faces exposure to air for an electricity flow. If there's an increase in condensed vapors within the ceramic piece, it changes the resistance, thus providing an accurate humidity measurement through the electrical current flow.

A digital hygrometer provides even more information than the analog version. These allow for more in-depth readings, including data logging with historical data, and some even work as a thermometer. Most importantly, the hygrometer is incredibly user-friendly.

How to Calibrate a Hygrometer

Calibrating your digital humidity meter is essential to getting an accurate reading. And while there are numerous methods for achieving calibration, Humidity Packs has a new tool to make the calibration process a lot easier. Boveda's calibration kit pairs perfectly with a handheld hygrometer.

Boveda's kit gives any moisture meter, both digital and analog, the most accurate calibration. It uses Boveda's 75.5% RH standard, which became an industry standard among chemists and lab professionals to read the moisture levels in a room.

To begin, remove the plastic tab from the battery of the digital humidity meter. Then, take your humidity gauge, place it inside the bag (including 75% RH moisture absorbers), and allow the humidity meter to sit for 24 hours at room temperature (65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). The panel on the humidor hygrometer should read 75%, give or take 0.3. If there is a difference between the hygrometer's reading and the 75% standard, then make a note for future readings.

The adjustment process is just as simple. Since the dial increases or decreases by 1%, use the adjustment wheel to reflect a 75% reading. For example, if the reading comes out as 73%, turn the adjustment wheel clockwise for two clicks. Then, click the Set button to show the temp and humidity before resetting to Celsius.

Growers should note that the hygrometer begins to read the ambient air once it's out of the 75.5% RH atmosphere within the bag. Ultimately, the turning dial and clicking reset will not provide a 75% RH reading. If you're unsure whether the hygrometer was adequately adjusted, put the device back in the bag for an additional 24 hours.

Where to Buy Accurate Hygrometers for Sale

Any business looking for humidity control solutions should look no further than Humidity Packs. We are one of the top suppliers of humidity packs for weed, instruments, tobacco, etc. However, we aren't limited to providing the best oxygen absorbers. We also help businesses keep ideal RH levels with our selection of hygrometers. It's not always easy to find an accurate hygrometer but Humidity Packs has you covered.

We have what you're looking for if your business is looking for a hygrometer for sale. Our Hygroset Hygrometer is available as a round or rectangular digital meter to help determine the relative humidity levels in the room. A humidity measurement tool is handy for any business dealing with delicate plants, cigars, musical instruments, and even electronics. Even the slightest bit of exposure to humidity can have a devastating impact on any business' inventory.

Humidity Packs strives toward providing businesses with all of the assets they need to preserve their inventory. We're a company that prioritizes our customers at the forefront of our minds. This process begins the second a client places an order through our website. We provide a price-beat guarantee to ensure that they receive wholesale humidity packs and hygrometers at the best possible prices. Our live chat feature intends to have every answer or concern addressed promptly, whether through email, phone, or our live chat feature. We also have same-day shipping to ensure packages reach your door promptly. A high-quality hygrometer is a click away when shopping with Humidity Packs.

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