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Integra Boost 55%

Preserving herbal products has never been easier than with Integra Boost 55%. These are among the most trusted humidity packs on the market that have mainly gained significant support from the tobacco, cannabis, and pharmaceutical industries. However, Integra Boost 55% offers the correct RH levels, so they're the go-to weed humidity packs. Integra Boost 55% creates balance and regulates in enclosed spaces, like airtight containers.

What is Integra Boost 55%?

Boost 55% refers to the relative humidity (RH) levels it emits. Integra Boost packs help regulate the humidity levels. When it's too dry, the humidity pack releases moisture. When there's too much humidity, the Integra Boost 55% absorbs the humidity. The Integra 55% adds less moisture into the air than the Integra Boost 62%. So, these are particularly great for more damp environments where you might be storing your cannabis. Unlike Boveda packs made from natural salts, odorless food-grade thickener, and purified water, Integra Boost 55% is saltless and made from water and plant-based glycerin.

What's so Special About 55% Humidity?

55% humidity packs are highly sought after because they're the better choice for releasing less moisture into the air. It's a safe choice for cannabis products stored in humid areas and preserving their flavors, aromas, and THC potency.

How to Use Integra Boost 55% Humidity Packs

Integra Boost 55% is one of the easiest ways to preserve products and is just as easy to use. Place a pack (which comes with a Replacement Indicator Card) in the enclosed container with the products to be preserved. The pack will do the work from there, releasing or absorbing moisture in the container all on its own. The only thing that you need to look out for is the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turning blue. That's when you know they need a replacement.

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