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Humidity Controlled Jar Lids

Everyone knows that jars are one of the best ways to preserve spices and herbs. They're one of the best packaging options to protect products for an extended period. However, moisture packs can extend shelf life even further with humidity controlled jars.

Controlling humidity for weed in jars allows for longer preservation and maintains the integrity of the flower. Humidity controlled jars prevent excess moisture from tampering with the aroma or flavors.

Humidity control packs for weed are commonly available at any dispensary. Cannabis operators use these packages to help store cannabis when the curing process is complete. Brands like Integra are known for the square shape of their packs. However, they made a circular shape specifically for humidity jar lids. Slide one in the top of a jar, and allow the packs to do the rest of the work.

Humidity Packs boast a vast collection of humidity packs to ensure that every business's products remain fresh until the customer receives their products. The humidity jar for weed is available in different sizes and RH levels.

What are Humidity Controlled Jars For?

Humidity control jars are the best way of preserving marijuana, tobacco, and other herbs for long periods. Brands like Boveda and Integra have introduced technology to control RH levels in enclosed spaces. The pack sits inside the lid with a humidity jar, so it doesn't occupy more volume in your package.

Cannabis humidity jars are essential for dispensaries. Cannabis operators that seek to preserve flower or even concentrates need these jars in order to function. Without weed humidity jars, businesses can be taking a significant chance with their products. Humidity for weed in jars could be detrimental and can create mold and mildew. That leads to potential safety hazards and products getting tossed, which ultimately means a loss of income. Humidity controlled jar can prevent all of these problems.

Purchasing bulk cannabis humidity jars is the only way to maintain the integrity of beautiful buds until they're ready to be rolled up and smoked.

How to Regulate Humidity in Jars

Regulating the levels of humidity all depends on the environment. Some places might be too dry, while others have excess moisture. Even sealing your products in the tightest jars imaginable won't protect them completely. Fortunately, humidity controlled jars provide an excellent solution to keeping cannabis and other dried herbs in pristine condition.

Integra Boost's collection of round humidity packs offers the same benefits as their square-sized products. By releasing or absorbing excess moisture, slipping the round pack into the roof of the lid can help preserve cannabis for more extended periods.

Using a humidity jar isn't just for dispensaries, though. Controlling humidity in a curing jar is essential for any cannabis cultivator on the market to ensure their products remain 100% fresh for retail shelves. A humidity jar for weed can be the factor that differentiates good weed from great weed.

Whether it's an Integra or Boveda packs, there's never been an easier way to create the perfect environment for your cannabis. Humidity jar lids are a must-have for every cannabis operator.

Where to Buy Humidity Jar Lids

If you're looking for humidity controlled jars, you've come to the right place. SmokeCones boasts a wide selection of humidity jars to ensure that the RH levels are correct wherever you're storing weed.

We carry several humidity jar lids: 37mm, 45mm, and 51mm. These are all excellent choices to place in a humidity jar for weed to control the moisture levels in enclosed spaces. Both moisture packs are available in 55% or 62% RH. The difference between these ultimately depends on the environment, but they remain in a "safe range" that allows them to be interchangeable.

Humidity Packs carry a wide range of products that help keep the RH levels at the right place. However, we don't just have the run-of-the-mill moisture packs. Our collection of terpene humidity packs provides an extra boost in preserving cannabis and herbs while elevating the aroma and flavor of cannabis.

Shopping with Humidity Packs ensures that you get the best products at the best prices. Our price-beat guarantee works to match our competitors' prices while also offering same-day delivery, secure payment methods, and incredible customer service on top of that.

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