About Us is an authorized retailer of Boveda humidity packs, Integra Boost humidity packs, and other humidity regulating products available at retail and wholesale prices. Founded by industry leaders with over three decades of experience in the packaging industry, you can count on us to value your business and to consistently provide outstanding customer service.

What are Humidity Packs?
Humidity packs are two way humidifier packs that are designed to maintain optimal humidity levels for dozens of different perishable items such as plant products, like tobacco and herbs, food storage or even wooden instruments like guitars! These packs work like this: the saturation level of certain salts in water naturally regulates the humidity in the immediate environment to a pre-specified relative humidity level. When placed in a container or package, the humidity pack either emits or draws in moisture from the surrounding air, keeping whatever you're storing at the optimal humidity level.

These packs are available in various sizes and humidity control levels based on what your are using them with. We offer the following humidity pack humidity levels:
Humidity Level Uses
55% Herbal
58% Herbal
62% Herbal
65% Cigars
69% Cigars & Food
72% Cigars, Case Seasonings, Reeds
75% Cigars, Case Seasonings
84% Humidor Seasonings, Case Seasonings, Snuff, Reeds
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