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Desiccare Six Dot Humidity Indicator Cards (10% - 60%) 10-Box Humidity Packs - 1

Humidity Indicator Cards

A humidity indicator card is essential for any cannabis operator and consumer to control moisture levels in enclosed spaces.

Packaging cannabis is more intricate than it seems. The industry's advanced to new solutions to keep products sealed tight. Exit bags and child-resistant jars have replaced plastic baggies. Even so, cannabis requires moisture packs to control the humidity in the package. But how do you know when moisture absorbers run their course? That's where the humidity indicator card comes in. Also known as humidity strips, these are a handy tool to help determine whether your humidity control packs need a replacement.

While the cannabis industry particularly likes these products, they aren't the only sector that needs to control the moisture levels. A humidity indicator card is just as helpful in monitoring cannabis RH levels as they do for electronics, computer hardware, instruments, and more. The one-and-only humidity indicator can easily let you know when it's the type to switch up your humidity packs.

Humidity Packs remain the leader for all of your moisture control needs. We boast plenty of different oxygen absorbers from companies like Boveda and Integra Boost to ensure dispensaries and businesses are getting their hands on top-quality products.

Humidity Packs have the best options online for humidity strips and humidity control packs. Not only that, but we are focused on bringing the best customer service to our clients. This process begins the moment a business places its order online. We provide a price-beat guarantee to ensure that companies receive top-notch products. The humidity card and even different hygrometer units are priced at the lowest possible cost. We also have an incredible customer service team ready to respond to any questions and concerns through our live chat feature. Even if you want to reach out via phone or email, our team will provide an answer promptly. We also have same-day shipping options to ensure that your business is equipped with bulk humidity card indicators right one time.

Ultimately, if you are purchasing humidity packs in bulk, it's just as necessary to pick up loads of humidity strips. And what better place to shop than Humidity Packs?

What are Humidity Indicator Cards?

Humidity indicator strips are valuable for determining when a moisture pack needs changing. Put Desiccare humidity strips in a moisture barrier bag with humidity packs and have a six-point system to assess moisture levels: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60%.

As moisture can be incredibly detrimental to electronics and other products that need a controlled RH level, humidity indicators help pinpoint the exact moisture levels in enclosed spaces. Suppose there is too much moisture or too little, a humidity indicator card will determine the accurate levels. Any business that places bulk orders of humidity strips needs to accompany that shipment with a box of humidity indicator card units to allow moisture packs to work to their fullest potential.

How do Humidity Indicator Cards Work?

If you're looking into the humidity indicator and are still unaware of how they function, don't worry -- they are straightforward to use. A humidity indicator provides accurate quantification of humidity levels in barrier packaging. This tool is an excellent solution to protect your products further, whether electronics, dried herbs, or instruments, from facing issues related to moisture. With this unique tool, businesses can maintain the integrity of their products and extend their lifespan.

How to Read Humidity Indicator Cards

The Dessicare humidity card comes with six dots that show the moisture levels in barrier packaging. It indicates humidity levels by 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60%. Once the humidity indicator is activated, the spots turn from blue to pink to inform of the humidity levels. The unique technology allows businesses to easily prevent products from drying out or building up mildew and mold.

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