Boveda Humidity Packs Science Before and After

Boveda Packs Description: Boveda Packs are used for keeping cigars, medical marijuana, wood or other humid sensitive products preserved for longer periods of time. BOVEDA PACKS are very effective and accurate at keeping the humidity controlled without the need for large, expensive humidors or machinery. In fact, field studies have shown that BOVEDA packs are 99% accurate at keeping the humidity levels coordinated with the specified degree on the packet. This means that using a 72% Boveda Pack with proper storage will keep the humidity levels at a constant 71-73% humidity (accurate to 1%) for months. After a couple months, Boveda users must switch out the old pack to maintain the perfect humidity. Boveda packs must be replaced once they become hard and stiff. The life span of a Boveda pack is determined by how much moisture is needed to be released to maintain the perfect humidity in a container...For example, dryer climates require more moisture and would drain your Boveda packs faster.

Boveda Pack Science: How does Boveda packs work? Well the science behind Boveda is quite simple. A patented mix of salts and water is used to make up the Boveda Packets interior. The precise mix of salts and water naturally regulate the humidity of a closed container. Other companies have tried to recreate the Boveda technology, but can only either lower or raise the Humidity levels of a particular container. Where as Boveda has the ability to raise AND lower humidity levels simultaneously. With Boveda, the great news is that the salt and water mix is FDA compliant and 100% safe to touch and interact with your product.

Boveda Humidity Packs Size Chart

Boveda Strengths: BOVEDA PACKS come in 3 different humidity strengths and sizes. Users can choose their appropriate RH level for the particular product they are keeping preserved. For example, medical cannabis does best with 72% RH Boveda Packs. As well as users can choose the size of the Boveda Pack that is appropriate for the size of the container, jar or case. The bigger the container the larger the size packet required. We sell Boveda small, medium and large packs in a variety of RH levels.

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BOVEDA four gram packs

Boveda four gram packets are available in a variety of humidity levels and are also perfect for roughly 7-14 grams of product.

BOVEDA eight gram packs

Boveda packs mediums, which are ideal for 14-28 grams of product and also come in many humidity levels and sizes to meet your needs.

BOVEDA sixty gram packs

Boveda BIG packs for wholesale or commercial use. Boveda 60g Packs work best with 112-450 grams and are extremely effective at this size.

BOVEDA supplies

Boveda and humidity control supplies. We carry a wide range of tools and gadgets