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Keeping cannabis and herbs at the perfect moisture levels can be easily achieved with Integra Boost.

Cannabis farmers work tirelessly to bring grade-A cannabis to dispensaries, but weed getting too dry or too moist if not stored correctly is always possible. Thankfully, there have been solutions to control humidity levels, and among those are Integra humidity packs. Many regard them as the "smartest humidity control solution" available right now, and it's evident that dispensaries and cannabis operators have taken a keen liking to them over the past few years.

The Boost pack from Integra brings balance to your products, focusing on terpenes and regulating moisture levels. Cannabis smokers aren't solely looking for high THC percentages these days. Boost humidity packs ensure that the flavor and smell of your cannabis are as intense and tasty as they were once they were grown and dried. With the belief that "superior herbal products start with superior atmospheric control," Boost Integra packets are the perfect for controlling humidity levels in packaging made from metal, glass, rubber, plastic, and even paper. Whether you're packaging concentrates, flower, or even pre roll, Integra humidity packs are perfect in stock.

Humidity Packs remains dedicated to helping businesses keep their flower at the correct humidity levels. With an array of options, including Integra Boost 2-way humidity regulator, we are the leading website to find the best moisture packs available right now.

What is Integra Boost?

Integra Boost humidity packs are the best solution for maintaining moisture levels within cannabis packaging. This company strives to bring safe and effective 2-way humidity control placed in bags or jars filled with your favorite weed. The window of time between when the cannabis is harvested and packaged to when it's ready to smoke can be broad. Keeping Integra Boost packs in cannabis packaging can extend its lifetime, maintaining its freshness until complete.

Before we get deeper into why you need Integra products, we must reveal their formula. Integra Boost ingredients are simple, containing water and plant-based glycerin in white kraft paper. It's a simple, organic solution with a more significant impact than it would appear. Emitting H2O vapors solely, Integra Boost 2-way humidity regulator technology is an excellent choice for maintaining moisture levels. With Boost Integra, no additional chemicals are touching your products. Plus, each packet is 100% biodegradable.

The replacement indicator card on the humidity packs for weed is simple-to-read and lets you know when you need a new Boost pack. Once Integra humidity packs turn blue, you know it's time to get a new one.

Integra humidity packs work immediately. You need to take one and place it in a jar or bag with your favorite cannabis and allow it to work its magic. It's that easy.

What can Integra Boost Humidity Packs be Used For?

Boost packs for weed are the most common use for Integra humidity packs, but they're an excellent tool to control humidity levels with any dried herb. Cigar aficionados will use a Boost pack in their cigar cases to ensure the tobacco doesn't get too dry or too moist. Integra humidity packs preserve herbs, so they don't become moldy from excess moisture or dry out from too much humidity. If dried herbs are tampered with, they can lose flavor and aroma.

The two-way humidity control on Boost humidity packs helps regulate humidity in enclosed packages. That can be in the air that's too dry or absorbing humidity where there's excess moisture. Because of Integra Boost's self-controlled technology, cannabis will refrain from drying out or building mold or mildew.

Over 25 years, Integra dedicated enormous amounts of time, effort, and resources to creating the best moisture control solutions. The results were Boost humidity packs. And these work beyond wonders outside of cannabis. As mentioned previously, these are an excellent choice for tobacco enthusiasts seeking to maintain the integrity of cigars for long periods. The same Boost cannabis packs you're placing in jars can be inserted into a box of grade-A cigars to keep their moisture. Outside of smokeable dried herbs, Integra Boost can be an incredible tool for storing medicine and other household products.

As you can see, Integra Boost is an incredibly versatile tool. Not only for dispensaries and smoke shops but also for pharmacies. Every business that sells cannabis, tobacco, and even medicine should keep Integra humidity packs on deck.

How to Use Integra Boost Humidity Packs

Now you might wonder how to use Integra Boost 2 way humidity regulator to preserve products. There are a few ways to use Boost humidity packs for weed and cigar smokers, but they are as simply placing a package with the content. The humidity pack will do the work from there.

You need to go through a few steps before using Booster humidity packs. For one, you have to determine which humidity packs you're using. Integra humidity packs on our site are available in three different RH levels: 55%, 62%, and 69%. The first two Integra bags keep cannabis tasty and aromatic as they were when first harvested. Integra Boost 69% used primarily for cigars. The Integra Boost 55% is desirable because it allows less moisture in the container.

Meanwhile, Integra Boost 62% releases more moisture. It's based on personal preference and the humidity levels where storing cannabis. Either way, both Boost Integra 55%, and 62% are within a safe range.

A Boost pack can come in different sizes and helps regulate humidity depending on the weight and environments where products are stored. Some are as small as 2 grams, best reserved for up to a quarter of an ounce of cannabis. For up to six pounds, there is a 420-gram Boost pack.

Integra continues to level up with each product, so we must mention the Integra Boost Terpene Essentials. These are one of the most impressive innovations in the cannabis industry. The Integra humidity packs from the Terpene essential line have seven prevalent isolates that help enhance botanical terpenes in your flower. The Terpene Essentials line includes limonene, myrcene, humulene, and pinene.

The regular Boost humidity packs preserve the flavor and the aroma of cannabis while regulating humidity. Using the packs from the Terpene Essentials line infuse "flavor/sensory enhancing botanical terpenes" into your products naturally, according to Integra. Integra packs release aromas and flavors from the terpenes that will modify your flower's taste and scent.

Where to Buy Integra Boost Packs

For any company that wants to keep their products at the proper humidity levels, then Humidity Packs is the place to shop. From oxygen absorbers to moisture absorbers, we go it all. However, few online stores host a collection of Integra Boost packs like Humidity Packs.

We boast a comprehensive collection of humidity packs, whether Boveda packs or Integra Boost's Terpene Essentials. Our array of Integra products is vast, in both 55% and 62% RH, and even includes the 420-gram Boost pack to preserve large amounts of flower and herb products. We also carry 69% Boost hydration packs that are perfect for cigar purists that want to keep their fine cigars from drying out or getting moldy.

It should be clear: a Boost humidity pack gives dry products a longer shelf-life. Some products can be entirely dried out or even moldy by the time they get to retail stores. Just one Integra Boost pack can keep products fresher for a long time.

Humidity Packs is all about providing clients with the best customer service when they place their order of moisture packs. You can only expect the best rates when you order bulk from us. Our price-beat guarantee intends to ensure that our customers get the best quotes for bulk orders. We also offer same-day shipping to ensure that orders are going through speedily. Additionally, we have a live chat feature to answer any questions or concerns through phone, live chat, or email. Finally, all of our orders are processed through secure payment methods to ensure that all of your information is safe.

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