Cigar Humidity Packs

Cigars are a tobacco product steeped in history and tradition, and keeping them fresh will keep customers happy. Today's cigars - with origins that can be traced back to the Mayans - are pipe tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Enjoyed for centuries due to their rich flavor and aroma, keeping cigars as flavorful as possible is essential for every cigar-lover. Enter: humidity packs for cigars. Cigar humidity packs are the perfect way to maintain the proper humidity for cigars. These revolutionary packs create the ideal humidity for cigars. The packs mean that moisture levels will never be low enough to dry out the cigar or high enough to prevent the cigar from burning poorly.

Humidity Packs is the #1 online supplier for humidity packs. We know that pipe tobacco humidity is extremely important for customers who love their cigars and cigar packaging companies. That is why we offer the two top humidity pack brands: Integra Boost and Boveda. Both these brands create high-quality packs that will keep your cigars safe. Integra Boost and Boveda for cigars are the best decisions you could make for keeping your cigar humidity just right.

What are Cigar Humidity Packs?

Humidity packs for cigars control the humidity inside the packaging to keep the relative humidity (RH) at the optimal level for cigars. Humidity packs turn packaging into a humidor. A humidor is any box or room that has a controlled RH. They are extremely popular for keeping cigars in, and you'll always have stable humidity with cigar humidor packs.

How Humidity Packs Work

Integra Boost and Boveda packs for cigars work with the same 2-way system to control humidity. If the humidity is too high, a Boveda for cigars pack absorbs the extra moisture. If humidity is too low, the cigar humidity packs release moisture. Through osmosis, the pack senses when humidity levels need to be adjusted. After getting the RH level to the desired number, Integra Boost and Boveda for cigars packs keep it stable.

What is the Best Humidity for Cigars?

Knowledge is key for humidity in cigars. This will keep them in the best quality and it’s vital to know for your business and customers. The proper humidity for cigars is considered between 65%-72%. Any humidity packs between this range are considered the best humidity to keep cigars. We offer several packs that fall in this range, and the humidity level is printed on the Integra Boost and Boveda for cigars packets themselves.

How Long Do Cigars Last Without Humidity Packs?

Without tobacco humidity control, cigars have a far shorter shelf life. Typically, cigars can last 2-3 days in their packaging without humidity packs. After a cigar goes bad, it will taste sour, stale, and rank, effectively ruining the product. This short shelf life is one of the main reasons cigar humidifier packs are so important. When using humidity packs for cigars, the shelf life is extended for 2-6 months. This depends on the size of the packaging, how many cigars are being stored, and how many cigar humidity packs are used. The rule of thumb is that when one of the Integra Boost or Boveda for cigars packs feels rigid, it's time for a simple change out!

Why You Need Cigar Humidity Packs

Besides the massive benefit of longer shelf life, maintaining the correct level of cigarette tobacco humidity is important for several reasons. Fresh cigars have a slower and smoother burn than dried, old ones. Cigars that have been protected with cigar humidor packs also have essential oils in them that will dry out. These oils provide cigars' signature aromas and flavors. Without packaging with humidity bags for cigars, the essence of what makes a cigar special will dry up.

One of the best, Boveda humidity for cigars, also rehydrates old cigars. Returning cigars to their ideal RH will reduce waste and restore the cigar to its former glory.

How to Store Cigars with Humidity Packs

How to store cigars is a painless and straightforward process for both businesses and customers. After choosing from the multiple sizes we offer to fit your packaging size and the number of cigars you are packaging, the next step is as basic as possible. Simply place cigar humidity packs in the humidor, and let the packs do the rest! The question of how to save cigars for later has never been answered so quickly with the easy-to-use packs.

Where to Buy Cigar Humidity Packs

There is no better place to get your humidity packs for cigars than Humidity Packs. We know choosing a humidity pack supplier is vital when packaging cigars, so we are dedicated to providing the best products at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Humidity Packs for Cigars

All of our cigar humidifier packs are sold at wholesale prices. Since each box of humidity bags for cigars is sold in bulk boxes up to 3,500/box, we offer wholesale prices to get the most bang for your buck. Buying wholesale cigar humidity packs will keep your packaging costs low while keeping your products' integrity. These wholesale bulk orders will also ensure your business will have enough cigar humidor packs for all your packaging needs. Whether your business needs 6/box or 1000/box, we will always offer wholesale prices.

A bonus? While our wholesale prices are the lowest among other humidity pack suppliers, our price-beat guarantee will always get you the best rate! If you find a better price, just bring it to us to beat it.

Cigar Humidity Packs at Humidity Packs

There is a reason Humidity Packs is the top online supplier of humidity packs. We provide various sizes and humidity levels, from our humidity packs for weed to our guitar humidifier packs to fit your business needs. We have all of your needs covered when it comes to humidity packs for cigars! Our Integra Boost and Boveda packs will provide the best level of pipe tobacco humidity.

While our Integra Boost and Boveda for cigars packets stand alone, we believe our fantastic service is the cherry on top of why Humidity Packs is the best online humidity pack retailer! We can answer any questions and inquiries through our live customer service. We offer web chat, phone, and email services with knowledgeable representatives. Our easy-to-use website means you can navigate Humidity Packs to get all your needs! Whether to protect or rehydrate cigars, cigar humidifier packs from Humidity Packs will keep your cigars as fresh as the day they were rolled.

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